Road map

Adult themed content

60 HD scenes

190 Farm Sprite Sex Scenes

105 Npc Sprite Sex Scenes

… and counting

Narrative and Quest Systems

Main Storyline

NPC Companion subquests

Daily town subquests

Katarina Station & Dungeon subquests

Full tutorial overhaul

Cooking/Recipe Discovery Overhaul

Overworld Improvements

Seasonal Holiday event improvements

Additional Sprite Sex Scenes and Context

NPC Schedules

New & revised Cloverton Interiors

Katarina Station Expansion

Sky Overhaul

NPC Companion Systems

Romance system

Romance quest lines

Birthday event systems

Marriage systems

Captain Kiram and Kaelida Intro Events

New Farming Systems

Plankton Pen

Weather Balloon

Farm housing upgrades

Barn overhaul & upgrades

Neo Incubator

Incubator improvements, upgrades

Monster Dialogue

Farming balance tweaks & events

Dungeon Updates

Savanna Environments

Forest Environments

Ruins Environments

Ancient Environments

Resource & Economy Balancing

Monster Migrations

Side-quest content

Combat System Overhaul

Finalising Monster Ability Skills 

Finalising NPC ability mechanics

Combat Encounter Balancing

New Enemy Combat Encounters

4 new Holstaur enemies

4 new Wolf enemies

4 new Harpy enemies

4 new Demon enemies

4 new Crab enemies

4 new Chimera enemies

4 new Dragon enemies

More Pirate Crews

More Haemonculi monsters

New unique Boss Encounters

UI Overhaul

Combat Party

Esence/stock market



Inventory & Shopping

Farming Jobs Board

Monster Heritage (Family tree)

Monster Traits

Monster Hatching

Monster Incubator / Neo Incubator

Manumission/Monster employment

Cooking / Fighting / Talent Contests

Combat & Victory Rewards

Tooltips & readability/ small font